Digital Shoebox

Open up the Past!  Libraries, museums, genealogical and historical societies have treasures in their collections.  Many of these came from people who stored their personal treasures for generations in a shoebox.  The Digital Shoebox brings these historical treasures together in a searchable online scrapbook.  It will serve as a primary resource for materials relating to the rich history and culture of Southeastern Ohio--the "start of it all!"
     Using the latest technology, the history of Southeastern Ohio has been placed in a shoebox for storage, a digital shoebox that is.  Public libraries throughout Ohio have collected historical treasures and placed thousands of items in a searchable online scrapbook.  These items have been scanned and converted from a physical paper format to an electronic image that can be viewed from any computer with Internet access.  Some of the fascinating treasures contained in the Digital shoebox include photos, maps, documents, county histories, city directories, school mementos, and artifacts.
     Advantages of the Digital Shoebox:  items are permanently stored, collection is protected from wear and tear, maintained from a central location, and new items can easily be added.
     If you have any items that could be included in this project, contact the library.  Your items will be returned to you unharmed.
       *Funded by The Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA).